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Sampsel's Portfolio

  1. Major General Frederick Funston
    Major General Frederick Funston
    The life size statue of Funston stands outside his boyhood home/museum displaying Funston's achievements.
  2. Last Five Kaw Indians
    Last Five Kaw Indians
    Bronze busts of the last five full-bloods: Edgar Pepper, Jesse Mehojah Jr., William A. Mehojah Sr., Clyde G. Monroe and Johnnie R. McCauley, are displayed today in the Kaw Museum.
  3. The Guardian Of The Grove
    The Guardian Of The Grove
    This eight-foot-high bronze figure of a Kaw warrior contains many symbols important to the Kaw (Kanza) Indian Tribe. The statue stands on the Santa Fe Trail in Council Grove, KS.
  4. Washunga
  5. The Guardian of the Grove
    The Guardian of the Grove